Victory Musashi is the most featured character in the Fire Pro Wrestling series, present in predecessor game Pro Wrestling on the NES/Famicom (1986) under the name "Fighter Hayabusa" and then a fixture of every canon Fire Pro Wrestling game which doesn't feature female characters exclusively, making his latest appearance in the last published canon Fire Pro, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. (2005)

A student of the legendary Rikiozan, the father of Japanese wrestling, he is a rival of fellow trainee The Great Shiba, whom he ressented as being his sensei's favorite. When Rikiozan passed away, Shiba and Musashi went their opposite ways, never coming to blows as rivals, but each founding their own promotion to show the world how they felt wrestling should be fought. Musashi's promotion, VIEW Japan, was originally a vehicle for Musashi to fight American wrestlers such as RJ Faze and Carlos Klauser. However, as history tends to repeat itself in peculiar ways, Musashi soon found himself in the role of the sensei having to watch his trainees bicker and fight. As small but strong Fighter Yamato and former olympian Hurricane Rikimaru became rivals, Musashi could only watch. History was made when in 1983, feeling he had been overlooked for a shot at the VIEW Championship, Rikimaru attacked Yamato, the first time a Japanese wrestler showed disrespect to another Japanese wrestler in this way. Musashi then took position and supported Yamato as Rikimaru and his army of rogues attacked both VIEW and OLIVE, Shiba's promotion. Musashi eventually led VIEW to victory.

However, peace wouldn't last long, and soon VIEW found itself at war again, this time with Carlos Klauser trainee Akira Saeba leading an army of fighting traditionalists (UWH) to war against Musashi's VIEW, whom they felt had become too soft and no longer represented real wrestling. Musashi again led VIEW to victory, and his legend continued to grow.

Later on, Musashi would fight many martial artists in Different Styles matches, being victorious every time and showing how strong he was. 

A very skillful competitor with near endless fighting spirit, Musashi is equally effective with strikes and throws and is a master of submission holds. At home in technical matches and in wild brawls, in Japan and abroad, the man who has made the Enzuigiri and the Octopus Hold his specialties is always looking at new challenges. Will you be the next one try to cross Victory Road? 

ONE! TWO!! THREE!!! GO!!!!!!!!!!


Offense Defense
Punch 7 Punch 9
Kick 6 Kick 8
Throws 8 Throws 10
Joint 9 Joint 9
Stretch 10 Stretch 10
Power 4 Flying 8
Instant-P 9 Crush 8
Arm Power 4 Lariat 4
Technical 8 Technical 9
Rough 10 Rough 10
Entertainment 1 Entertainment 9


Offense Type Vicious
Defense Type Vicious
Critical Type Submission
Special Skill Fighting Spirit
Recovery Power (normal) Fast
Recovery Power (bleeding) Fast
Breathing Power (normal) Medium
Breathing Power (bleeding) Above
Will Power (normal) Strong
Will Power (bleeding) Strong
Neck Endurance High
Arm Endurance Medium
Back Endurance High
Leg Endurance Medium
Movement Speed Medium
Climbing Speed Medium
Climbing Type Can Climb