Tommy Bomber is a long-time mainstay of the Fire Pro Wrestling series, appearing on the series' original game in 1989 and then appearing in every canon game (except those with exclusively female rosters). He is well known for his amazing size, his near invincibility, his tremendous physical strenght and his murderous backdrops, capable of ending matches at any moment.

Representing Japan in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Tommy was scouted by The Great Shiba and was convinced of giving pro wrestling a try. Shiba, acknowledging the potential of Bomber had to be harnessed by expert trainers, sent him to America to be trained by brothers Kerry Texan and Harry Texan Jr.. The Texans and American wrestling fans soon took a liking to Tommy, appreciating his heart and his natural ability. RJ Faze also helped train Bomber.

Tommy Bomber has been the in-ring gatekeeper for OLIVE Japan, defeating threats to the company, foreign and local alike. Tommy Bomber losses are rare, and when they happen, the victor finds himself a top star. Such happened in 1990, when Mitsuhide Hikawa took advantage of a rare in-ring mistake by Tommy Bomber and defeated him, making him a legend overnight.

Being just as much brains as he is brawns, Tommy also is a university teacher.

Do you dare step in the ring with the "Unsinkable Battleship Of Tokyo Bay"?



Offense Defense
Punch 8 Punch 9
Kick 6 Kick 8
Throws 10 Throws 10
Joint 3 Joint 6
Stretch 7 Stretch 8
Power 10 Flying 9
Instant-P 8 Crush 10
Arm Power 8 Lariat 8
Technical 7 Technical 7
Rough 7 Rough 8
Entertainment 1 Entertainment 9


Offense Type Orthodox
Defense Type Orthodox
Critical Type Suplex
Special Skill Monster
Recovery Power (normal) Fast
Recovery Power (bleeding) Fast
Breathing Power (normal) Above
Breathing Power (bleeding) Medium
Will Power (normal) Strong
Will Power (bleeding) Medium
Neck Endurance High
Arm Endurance High
Back Endurance Medium
Leg Endurance High
Movement Speed Medium
Climbing Speed Medium Slow
Climbing Type Can Climb