The Fire Pro Club Goes Dark

Then on May 28th 2015, went offline when, after a long-time without any updates to the site proper, a long freeze on admiting new members to the discussion board (which prompted the creation of the Fire Pro Arena, now the main discussion board of the community.) and no new game in sight, then FPC administrator and longtime community stalwart Matt Keller (Mr. MDK) took the only decision he could: he pulled the plug. Before doing so, he posted a dump of the files that were hosted on the board, which were salvaged before the site went offline. The domain was then taken over by a domain troll which has been holding it hostage since.

Fire Pro Club survived on Facebook. An FPC Facebook page had existed since 2009, founded by Mustapha Feliciano. In 2015, following the closure of the website, Mustapha announced his intention to release control of the group, since he couldn't give it the care it deserved anymore. Veteran modder Phil Parent took over as the administrator. The page laid in relative dormancy until late February 2017 when Spike Chunsoft hinted at a new game. Activity on the page spiked.

Fire Pro Club Returns Edit

On March 2nd 2017, Spike Chunsoft announced Fire Pro Wrestling World. The news was welcomed with much passion by the starving Fire Pro community who had given up hope on ever getting a new game. Immediately plans were put in motion. James Freeman registered a new domain, A wiki was created, dedicated to the game series. And this is where we are, at 2PM, on March 3rd 2017.